At Fireside Farm, we build furniture from the wood we mill on site. We specialize in live-edge, community-sized tables.

fireside farm oak table.jpg

Strength and Elegance

We specialize in live-edge tables that can accommodate eight to 20 people. We build tables that range from subtly to dramatically rustic. 

fireside farm community table.jpg

Designed for Community

Our tables are designed to promote conversation and lend a big-family feeling to gatherings. With seating up to 20, you'll always have enough room for one more.

fireside farm white oak.jpg

Know Your Table's Story

Each table has its own story-- from the history that can be read in the rings to the process by which the wood came to our mill. All wood comes from trees that were blown down in storms or removed by homeowners.

fireside farm randall in shop.jpg

Metal or Wood Base

We make bases out of matching wood or custom-fit steel. 

fireside farm kiln.jpg

Quality Workmanship and Materials

Because we only use wood that we mill and dry on site, we know that it has been meticulously cared-for. Each of our 2" slab tops have been air-dried for two years and kiln dried to a specific moisture content.

fireside farm classroom table.jpg

Conference Tables

We build conference tables that can be assembled on-site.