At Fireside Farm, we use a portable sawmill to turn local trees into high-quality building materials. 

fireside farm randall blade sawmill.jpg

LT-40 Hydraulic Sawmill

Our mill can work with logs from 6' to 20' long and 6" to 36" wide. With a 1/8” kerf, we can cut thicknesses ranging from veneer to timber frame beams.

fireside farm slab crotch pecan.jpg

Live-Edge Slabs

We cut logs into both conventional and unique dimensions. 

fireside farm dump.jpg

Tree Services and Large Deliveries

For lot clearing, we partner with local arborists and excavation specialists who can bring your logs to us.


Portable Mill Services

We offer portable mill services in Orange, Alamance, Chatham, and Durham counties. See our Custom Milling and Portable Sawmill Services for pricing and details.


Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

For hard-to-access or large logs, we use a chainsaw mill with a 56” maximum width capacity. See our Custom Milling and Portable Sawmill Services page for pricing and details.


Municipal and Corporate Projects

We work with local cities, towns, and businesses to process timber for building and park projects.