Flowers inspire us. They help us celebrate our lives with gratitude for nature's generosity. Whether you want a bucket of blooms or a weekly bouquet, we want to help you fill your life with color and joy.  

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Our Farm's Sustainable Practices

At Fireside Farm, we grow our own flowers using organic best practices. Whereas most flowers bought in the U.S. are imported from overseas, our flowers move from our field to your home in a few hours. By keeping it local, you get higher quality flowers with longer vase lives. With designated pollinator species and no-till farming practices, we are committed to being a part of the solution to the climate crisis.


Wedding Flowers

We offer two options for wedding flowers— Wedding Floral Design, which includes flowers, full-service design, and installation, and DIY Wedding Flowers, for couples who want to make their own arrangements.


Flower Truck

We sell flowers out of Sprout, our 1969 Dodge A100. Look for her at the Geer Street Cocoa Cinnamon on Saturday mornings— and at area music/outdoor events.

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Flowers by the Bucket

We sell our seasonal flowers by the bucket. Check out our Flowers by the Bucket page to order online.


Bouquet Bar and Community Events

We love to set up bouquet-making bars and flower installations for special events.